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Educated on the Academy of Art "Constantijn Huygens" in Kampen. Graduated in 1994 in paintings and the first teachers degree in art and art-history.

woensdag 29 juli 2009

Scientific examination versus art

Graphite pencil on canvas
1.80m x o.80 m
for sale

The art of the human body

This painting is called "Different" which is inspired on a cancercell.
Acrylic on canvas
Size: 1.20 m x 70 m
for sale

It is incredible if we can see inside the (human) body, it is like another planet.
When we look through a microscope, for example at a specific cell of cancer which is deadly and unwelcome for our welness, it can be a creative inspiration as well because of its forms and shapes. This art is about learining to see in a different way, so it can happen that we survive our deepest fears and sicknesses and we are able to become stronger and make our lifes more worth living.

Paintings from the brain collection

Rat brain.
For sale

Red brains