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Educated on the Academy of Art "Constantijn Huygens" in Kampen. Graduated in 1994 in paintings and the first teachers degree in art and art-history.

dinsdag 11 augustus 2009


An other part of the four elements, the earth, wich we take literally here.
Sand of the desert, in structures blown by the wind, looks like paciently organized parts of an organic body. This body is combined with a structure of the human body. In this case we are one with the element "earth". The desert is a barren place where we possibly can die of thirst and lonelyness, but it can also be a symbolic garden to meditate and meet our deepest fears and dreams. In that case, we will need the desert as hard as we need water...

2,30x 1,20m
Acrylics on canvas
For sale

2,30 x 1,20m
Acrylics on canvas
Not for sale

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